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Aluminum Profile Systems ALTEST

The company Altest Ltd. initially started with trading of aluminum and PVC profiles, being the main representative of many well known at that time companies.

After gaining more experience in the field of aluminum extrusion, and desiring to develop and improve, the company takes the step of development of own aluminum systems, now known under the product name "ALTEST".

Initially the company developed two systems - "Pony" / cold series/ and "Eskimo" / series with thermal brake /.

These two systems are very well accepted on the market and their development and enrichment still continues. If necessary, the company makes partial changes to improve the quality of the profiles of these systems, and adds entirely new sections to meet customer needs.

Over time the company began to market systems for sliding, office furniture, railings, facade etc. All systems are painted in different colors, to comply with the customer's needs.


  • 06 Oct 2015


    „АЛТЕСТ” ЕООД в качеството си на Възложител и на основание чл. 6, ал. 9 от Наредбата за условията и реда за извършване оценка на въздействието върху околната среда (НУРИОВОС), уведомява всички заинтересовани физически и юридически лица, че осигурява обществен достъп…

  • 26 Aug 2015

    "Provision of grants for organized transportation to and from the workplace for employees in "Aluplast ZTG "Ltd. for a period of 12 months"

    На 30.06.2015г „Алупласт ЖТГ”ЕООД  успешно  приключи проекта „Осигуряване на безвъзмездна финансова помощ за организиран транспорт до и от работното място за заетите в  „Алупласт ЖТГ”ЕООД  за период от 12 месеца” по договор ESF – 2203-02-02004

  • 01 Jul 2011

    Optimization of the profiles from our cold series

    Our R & D department made ??an optimization in the following profiles from our cold system in order to achieve better results: A375 0005, A 375 0170, A 375 0225S. After successful testing, these profiles are already a fact and…

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  • Shutters


    Altest разработи нова система алуминиеви кепенци. Системите кепенци на  Алтест са произведени на базата на профилна система 375 която гарантира висока надеждност, перфектна функционалност, допълнителна сигурност и предлага голямо разнообразие…

  • 375 0225s

    375 0225s